Performance Opportunities

Nebraska Ballet Theatre opens the door for dancers to step outside the box and experience more performance opportunities than ever before! Dancers at NBT have both non-competitive and competitive opportunities available.

This team is by audition and invite only. Dancers have the opportunity to perform specialty choreographed dances at regional dance competitions.

Nebraska Ballet Theatre & School Company is a group of committed dancers who uphold the ideals of our dance school. We perform at local community events and compete in regional competitions in order to develop performance skills. Our Company program is dedicated to teamwork, leadership, and the refinement of dance fundamentals.

Company provides a safe, thoughtful, and creative culture for our students. Personalized goal setting and individualized feedback encourages dancers to find success through our purposeful coaching program.

As a YPAD certified program, our school values keeping our dancers safe during their dance journey. Dancers progress at age appropriate levels, all while engaging in a positive and encouraging experience.