Pre-School Programs

Our pre-school programs foster a love of dance, music, and movement. Classes focus on developing listening skills and following directions, while encouraging creativity and joy through dance!

Creative Movement

Our creative movement and You & Me classes are for our youngest dancers, ages 2-3, who are exploring movement and music basics.


In our pre-school program, dancers learn classroom skills, beginning dance technique, and early academic skills through engaging, play-based learning.

Primary Programs

Our young dancer programs provide a strong foundation of dance technique. We focus on student development and building confidence through new challenges, positive feedback, and performance opportunities.


In our pre-primary program, dancers build upon classroom skills and focus on foundational technique. Dancers in this program progress in their balance, flexibility, self-esteem, communication, and problem-solving skills.


Dancers in our Primary program work to explore dance in more conceptual ways and focus on developing body awareness. Students investigate moving in a variety of directions and pathways, weight transfer, and work with opposites such as big and small.


In the Foundations program, dancers begin to explore artistry in their movement, as well as grow in their independence with technical foundations. Students work to develop their leadership skills and take responsibility for their learning.

Fundamentals Programs

Our dance fundamentals programs provide dancers new opportunities to grow in dance artistry, performance, and technique. These programs focus on building upon strong technique foundations, while developing well-rounded, confident dancers and students.

Young Artist

In the Young Artist program, dancers continue to refine their technique as they develop as movement artists. Students have additional performance opportunities, and expand their knowledge of multiple dance techniques and styles.


Students in the Preparatory Program dive deeply into technical elements and solidify strong foundational habits. In this program, dancers are invited to explore more complex movement quality and take on leadership roles within our school.

Conservatory Programs

Our conservatory program provides well-rounded training in a variety of dance styles for dancers seeking to refine their dance education and grow as a movement artist and strong leader.

Junior Conservatory

Dancers in the Junior Conservatory program prioritize their dance and leadership training. These students discover themselves as growing artists and examine their dance and life goals, all while experiencing training in a range of dance styles. At this level, some dancers begin to find an area of focus in which they devote additional time.


Our Conservatory program is for dancers who have a commitment to their dance training, and may be looking to continue at a professional or University level. Our Conservatory classes promote a standard of excellence in ballet technique, as well as exploring movement in Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Acro and more.

Acro Programs

Our Acro programs provide an exciting, safe environment to learn new skills while building strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Acro enhances balance and agility and promotes proper posture and coordination. These classes are also great cross training for athletes and dancers.

Acro is not gymnastics. There are some similar elements as tumbling and gymnastics, but Acro focuses on the use of control and detailed muscle memory to achieve each skill. While gymnastics uses equipment, Acro uses props or dance to move in and out of skills. Acrobatic dancers take additional dance classes to learn the basics and have a full knowledge of skills.

Our school is certified in Acrobatic Arts and uses this curriculum to ensure safe progressions of training for our dancers.

Adult Programs

We offer a progressive adult program for both beginner and experienced dancers.  Dance classes help relieve stress and improve physical and mental health. These are also a great way to slow down from a busy week and focus in on being present. Our adult programs are truly transformational — inside and out!


Each month, our school focuses on a specific leadership principle. With guidance from our teachers, students explore how applying that skill enhances our dance practice and our success in social, academic, professional, and family life.

Goal Setting

Developing and staying committed to goals is key to success!


Each dancer is responsible for their own choices and dance education.


It is important to recognize and thank those who help us along our journey.


We are better leaders when we show empathy and compassion to one another.


Confidence inspires courage to take risks that helps us grow. 


An effective team brings everyone’s different strengths together to reach a common goal.


If we are disciplined, we are our own “self-leader” — we can choose our behavior rather than be ruled by it.


Respecting others and ourselves leads to feeling seen, being heard, and treating each other fairly.


We have the power to be a positive influence in our communities.


Loyalty ensures that your commitment and actions reflect your values.


Accountability to our communities keeps us moving forward toward our goals.


When we are humble, we can see situations more fully and accept feedback graciously.


Maintaining personal integrity dramatically impacts our individual progression and ability to lead.

Problem Solving

We can creatively solve problems with innovation, collaboration, and deliberate action.


One kind act can make a world of difference.


Developing individual creativity helps to solve problems in dance, life, and leadership roles.

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