Meet Our Team

Emily Fullerton

Artistic Director / Founder
Director of Dance Arts

I believe in providing students revolutionary dance training, reaching into the past and present to develop innovative teaching methods.

Sydney Weddleton

Director of Education

Dance teaches more than movement – I hope students leave each day having found within themselves an artist, leader, and life-long learner.

Chelsea Heavican

Director of Staff Development

I bring passion and creativity to the classroom as a way to inspire students of all backgrounds.

Kaylee Urbanovsky

School Community Director

I believe children deserve a stimulating educational environment where they are encouraged to take risks, challenge themselves, work hard, and preserve to reach their goals.

Caroline Howard

Conservatory Director

 I teach dance to share my passion with students; to give them a place where they can become artists.

Emily Anne Magelky

Wellness Liaison

I love the opportunity to grow my students not only as dancers, but also as people.

Tatum Hilger

Enrollment Specialist

I believe in providing students with lifelong skills and knowledge through the art of dance.


Communication Specialist

I value assisting families and dancers while welcoming them into our NBT&S community.


Finance Manager

I love being a part of a school where students can not only dance, but also learn the technique and character of being a great dancer and teacher.

Hannah Bertrand


My teaching philosophy centers around each dancer’s unique movement quality and emphasizes dancing for one’s own joy.



I feel truly blessed to have the gift of working with students both inside and out of the classroom; gaining the trust of each family we serve.



The exceptional student shows their love of dance through hard work and discipline. I strive to teach that mindset in my classes.

Isabella Kessinger


The best kind of dance teacher pays attention to the uniqueness of each individual child, adjusting lessons to fit the needs of all learners.



You don’t need to be super fast or explosive to look good as a performer. Simplicity in movement can speak volumes.

Harmony Rea


I believe it is important to implement not only movement, but also explore dancers’ artistic expression in every class I teach.



I believe in teaching a passion for expression through the artistry found in dance.







I see teaching dance & expression as the best form of learning. I strive to learn from our faculty and students, just as much as I pass on.




Front Desk

My goal is to ensure that dancers and their families are able to make genuine connections with our community and have a comfortable space to express themselves.


Front Desk

My goal is to create a safe environment for dancers and their families to be seen, heard, and know that they are a valued member of our growing community at NBT&S.

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